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Apartment listings for the following counties: Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado and Yolo

Breathing other people’s smoke should not be a condition of anyone’s living condition, regardless of income, age or ethnicity. Everyone deserves to breathe smoke-free air that is not laced with toxic air contaminants from tobacco smoke or aerosol from electronic smoking devices. This website provides options for renters seeking non-smoking options and provides apartment owners and managers a place to list their rentals and smoking policies.

Smoke-free Ratings

Each apartment receives a rating ranging from 1 to 5 stars based on its smoking policy. A 5-star property prohibits smoking anywhere on the property. An apartment receives a rating of no stars if its smoking policy is unknown or does not exist.

Are You an Apartment Owner or Manager?

If you own or manage an apartment in one of the counties served by this website, make sure it's listed on Listings are free and will attract renters who want to live where there are smoking restrictions.

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Why It's Important

Smoke-free housing should not be a luxury out of reach. All Sacramento Area residents, including families in public or affordable housing - deserve to breathe smoke-free air that is not laced with toxic nicotine.

About Us

The website is a service of the Sacramento Taking Action against Nicotine Dependence (STAND) project of Breathe California of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails, a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining healthy air and preventing lung and other air-pollution related diseases.

Breathe California partnered with the Rental Housing Association of Sacramento Valley (RHA) to encourage owners and managers of apartment communities in the County of Sacramento to implement no smoking policies for their residents. This website is the result of the collaborative efforts of both organizations.

RHA is a non-profit, membership organization that provides services to owners and managers of rental housing, from single-family homes to large apartment communities. Visit for more information about RHA membership and services.

The purpose of is to help renters find healthy places to live by providing free listings of apartment communities and their policies that restrict the smoking of tobacco products at the properties. In addition, the website offers free resources to encourage and assist apartment owners and managers with the implementation and enforcement of smoking policies at their properties.